Why is Luhan’s neck so long though?

because at night he animorphs into a giraffe and goes out to have violent intercourse with other giraffes in hope that it might fill the emptiness he feels inside becuz he knows xiumin would never love him in his true form.

i’m imagining starcrossed disillusioned long-distance krishan weregiraffe!omegaverse fic. aren’t you?

When I was young, maybe it’s because I was hurt emotionally, I don’t really remember, but I formed the habit of biting my fingernails. I will fix it! (everyone laughed)
Do Kyungsoo, during the ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ press conference when asked about his own bad habit (140715)







Kai Ko is the fanboy but Yifan is the bottom

Someone stop this fandom

yes please stop with this top/bottom fixation it’s incredibly annoying and immature

Woah you okay there, I think they’re just playing around…

yeah it’s just completely rampant in kpop fandom, literally everything comes down to that sooner or later. 

I understand that you don’t like this topic and I’m sorry, but yes this is just another fandom joke. If you are unhappy with seeing this type of posts then maybe you can consider blocking the ‘honey milk’ tag.

sorry i should clarify— it’s really not something i’m specifically dissing anyone for, least of all kaifan shippers. sometimes i just get tired of the entire fandom’s (see my earlier comment) obsession with it. often with ridiculous attendant (and more or less casually heteronormative) ‘proof’.

altho lol just realised this is a good opportunity to ask— why is the kaifan ship called honey milk? :o