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public service announcement from someone who lives in Japan:

the Avril Lavigne video is stupid and weaboo but it isn’t really racist

it was on the news here today and people just laughed, Japan isn’t over here pissed off

this has been a service announcement, you can…

and you, op? whom do you speak for?

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FKA twigs for The Fader Magazine (set #2)

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half the posts on the spica tag are mine that’s how slow-moving it is

and they don’t seem to be in much at all + there aren’t enough fans… and we already got sour asswipes moaning about how they don’t ‘get the hype’. literally nothing about spica is up in your face so ignore this stuff or go take a swim in a tailings pond k.

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sorry about your sad life, op, now go back to exclusively stanning boybands with collectively 0.8% of the pure talent this woman has.

sorry about your sad life, op, now go back to exclusively stanning boybands with collectively 0.8% of the pure talent this woman has.

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kim boa being her adorable self at the stylenanda opening ceremony.

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What’s your favorite 4 member Kpop group?

b.e.g! also csjh altho they’ve been shelved since forever :’/

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a boyband but also sui generis

a boyband but also sui generis

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can’t seem to stay away

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kyungsoo’s reaction when his unseen photo was revealed

this is so???? his jaw??? I’m out

look at the top right gif and then the bottom right

how the hell is he the same person?

The last gif makes me think of Bruno Mars for some reason lol… Either way Kyungsoo is a hottie

how the hell is he the same person?” ru all confused by the bizarreness~ of facial muscle anatomy or squeeing over how he can go from squish to swagger in seconds??

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earlier this morning, yixing donated a sum of money to help a 9 year old boy diagnosed with leukemia.

however, he didn’t know that this action would be auto posted on weibo by the system, because there isn’t a prompt for donators to choose if they want it to be posted on their accounts.

by the time he found out, his fans and fansites have already started reposting and following what he did, donating money.

he then quietly deleted the post.

he once stated that he didn’t want his fans to donate money for his sake ;__;

in any case, cfans and fansites are all following his footstep and donating money to different diseased kids under the same project.


the cfans hope for this matter to be spread around the international fandom so that the rest of the world can know about what he did ^_^

let’s spread the love and positive energy with zhang yixing.

bold+italic mine. how is this remotely silly? for fuck’s sake, here we have someone who actually understands how disgusting it is when charity becomes yet another commodity for people to adulate celebrities over, and fans are still banging on about ‘the rest of the world can know about what he did’. fuck off and actually involve yourselves in community volunteering for a change.

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에쵸티 taoris

taoris demonstrate how to shake the pudding out onto the plate

에쵸티 taoris

taoris demonstrate how to shake the pudding out onto the plate

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