The boy had the purest eyes. The secret to a bearded man being able to look like a young boy is in that purity. On one hand, every time the boy’s lips moved it revealed a soft volume like that of a newborn baby. D.O, the 22-year-old boy, casted his eyelids over eyes like clear lakes, and sweetly…

dafuq is this fanfiction

the earlier reply juuust showed up now, tumblr why??

Girllll I completely understand the whole “dont wanna date them but babies PLZ DO WELL” feeling. I think it’s bc they have SO MUCH POTENTIAL & they’re being thrust into this catch 22 situation & u just wanna see them make it out alive.
Did tumblr eat my comment? But basically yes to the noona feelz bc these boys have SO MUCH & u want them to do well so plz just come out alive my babies.

yessssss i mean i MEAN i kept saying, after krisis happened, that it actually makes sense to me that there wasn’t actually a very sort of… solid ot12 thing going on, too many factors in the way, all these different (some very clashing) personalities, some of them old hands in the company, some joining practically right before debut, like every group i’d seriously followed before had been clearly formed to BE a group but exo were clearly ‘let’s just dump them all in this stew and count the moneys’… and also the horrible fan-stalker-media scrutiny from the beginning… these are just real stressors and they combine in such a bad way for this group… i was hoping that they wouldn’t sort of… internalise the toxicity of that entire environment, and then i actually felt bad about all the (actually really comical and ironic given yifan’s own lovely personality??) schadenfreude posts on tumblr lol. so yeah just. BABIES PLS SURVIVE THIS U CAN DO IT ;~;

ngl sometimes i just go back to the chanyeol-yixing guitar jam bit from ‘showtime’ and wonder why we can’t have more shit with EXO MEMBERS JUST SITTING AROUND AND JAMMING instead of yet another poorly-schemed out and awkwardly scripted reality show… because they’re so adorable when they’re just being their ridiculous bb bro selves