I’m sorry, but I will always take the side of those who leave the SM.
Even at the cost of unfollowing all the groups that are part of it, I always will support Hangeng, Wu Yifan, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and also all those who in the future will leave.

For those who left, that is their choice, I will support them, but I will still support those who chose to STAY with sm too because that was ALSO their choice.

op… lemme see if i got this… you will continue to follow sm groups so you can unfollow them when members leave? :p

hit up the red velvet tag

seeing, apart from teaser video posts and various edits:

fans justifiably sceptical about sm’s management tactics for them in light of what went down with f(x) recently; fans getting angry over fans shitting on red velvet

girl group hate is real and it makes this fandom extra horrible a lot of the time, but… i rly hope people on this site get the very obvious and important distinction between doubting a group’s management and hating a group

oh wait actually they don’t what was i saying

this is kpop fandom after all







fromthedepthsandbeyond said: Isn’t she promoting in China? The timing shouldn’t matter then. Anyway, the real Q to ask is why Taemin of all people got to have the first SM solo. (Can you tell I’m peeved…

On Henry:
Half of his songs on each album are composed by his group Noizebank(?) (which includes Amber). So yes, SM’s giving him a surprising amount of freedom. He’s also been given the chance to use his violin/piano talents, which is equally shocking. Henry’s a lucky boy by SM standards.

On Taemin: I don’t hate the boy, though my apprehension towards his solo may come off that way. My problem with him being the soloist of choice is that he’s bland as cardboard. He doesn’t have amazing stage presence, he doesn’t have a colorful voice, his musical style doesn’t put him into a new niche, and he doesn’t even have a “quirk” going for him. (Constantly spinning around in a circle doesn’t count.) To be a soloist, you have to carve yourself a piece of the musical pie, but Taemin has no pie to take. Soloists can’t rely on ‘fandom’ the same way groups can—and that poses some problems.

Why do you think Daesung has never debuted in Korea? Why Hyori decided that it was time she refined her brand of sultry? Why Sunmi diverged immensely from most JYP offerings? It’s all because of niche. And knowing SM, they’ll brand Taemin horribly.

thanks, that’s p. much along the lines of what i thought re: henry. good for him.

taemin… hehe i didn’t think you were hating. i personally agree that he is bland, but i really cannot speak to or predict korean tastes— i don’t think daesung, for example, would have been bland. shinee have fairly solid hipster appeal in the country, if all the articles floating around after ‘everybody’ means anything, but of course it’s still about the group. well, i have a feeling he’s going to get something of a makeover for the solo debut, or at least something in the concept that will make him stand out  or it may actually be a test drive for what i suspect is the really serious shinee solo debut this is all leading up to— jonghyun’s. (who does indeed have the personality and i’d prefer him as a soloist, despite all the 5NEE 5EVER!!! things said at concerts. unless they want to keep him in a house songwriter/composer capacity? but maybe not so.)

for me rocker!taemin would be interesting, but categorically sm is a shit place for that sort of thing. oh dear. we’ll see, i guess.





fromthedepthsandbeyond said: Isn’t she promoting in China? The timing shouldn’t matter then. Anyway, the real Q to ask is why Taemin of all people got to have the first SM solo. (Can you tell I’m peeved about this?)

i think she…

It would be easy to translate and record another version, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, none of us are on SM’s board of directors so we can teach something called common sense.

Henry doesn’t count because his solo work makes up is his entire Korean career. Suju-M was relegated to China (until recently), so he formally debuted with “Trap.” From the Korean perspective, he is a new face. (Remember the “M members are not part of the main group” hogwash that transpired? This statement gave Henry the agency to build himself a career independent of Suju.)

Taemin is (allegedly) the first SM idol to produce a solo album while actively promoting in a group that is based in Korea. This is a totally different ball game.

re: liyin. too true!

how could i forget the only13 crap. but it seems like you’re saying sm used the technicality of suju fans largely not accepting him as a ‘real’ member to promote him? has he gotten to write/compose for himself? sorry, i don’t know those details.

oh so there WILL be a taemin album. then, yes, it’s a big deal. saw it coming from 2010, when they’d sub him in for jjong even tho at THAT point onew was the obvious backup for those showy high notes, and he practically spelled out his imminent solo-ness in so many words in the ‘thank you’ notes for one of shinee’s 2013 albums.

i wasn’t kidding when i said he’s sm’s golden boy— i expect them to pull out all the stops for him in a way i can’t even imagine they’d bother do for someone else. he’s always been highly motivated and a likeable kid, and i wish him well. i just find the ‘he was the most deserving and obvious candidate’ logic funny.